Case material is popular used to print phone cases

Phone cases are a hot industry today when the need to design a case to your liking is increasing. opgiare always gives customers the best cladding materials with the cheapest price. Here are the most popular cladding materials with excellent user experiences.

– Tempered glass foam: With rubber-rimmed glass material, the back is a sharp layer of tempered glass, which can be mirrored to bring an extremely good experience for users.

– Plastic foam: soft rubber panel with transparent trim, hugging the back of the machine

Black plastic: soft rubber panel with black rim hugging the back of the device

-Silicon border: durable and beautiful rubber trim, shiny mica back with sparkling glitter

– 3d hard foam: borderless 3D hard plastic material printing soft, cool hands

There are enough cases for all models for products such as iphone cases, sam sung cases, vivo cases, huawei cases, xiaomi cases, htc cases, oppo cases, vsmart cases …

In addition, the shop also provides and continually updates the latest and cheapest materials and cladding on the market.

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